Woop! I’m in…

Claire germain marathon 2015

It’s official! I have finally been accepted for a place in the 2015 London Marathon. I am so excited, although I know there is literally a tough road ahead. Unphased, I am already preparing for the run. One trip to John Lewis later and a 25% discount on Adidas gear, I’m all set! I’m sure I have plenty of adequate training gear, but it’s nice to have a fresh start. Besides I had nothing to co-ordinate with my brand new Asics which help prevent my flat feet from rolling in – or in technical terms, over pronating! Get me, I even speak the running lingo.

However, jesting aside, its not really a case of ‘all the gear and no idea’. I’m not a complete novice to running. To marathons, maybe.  I have previously completed the Royal Parks half Marathon a few years ago (beating the Cheeky Girls to the finish line I’ll have you know).  I now just need to focus on doubling that distance.


Having my place written in black and white ,(well more a pink and grey) is fantastic. Not only do I have proof of the challenge for fundraising purposes, (I’m not planning to jet off to the Bahamas honest), but it makes everything seem very real. 26.2 miles is quite a long way to drive in the car…running it will be a great challenge.

Training is going quite well so far. I’ve read loads of blogs on running, ‘liked’ several running pages on Facebook and I’ve done some actual running too. Hills and everything. Currently up to about 14.5K on my longest run…that’s about 8 miles in old terms. So time to up my game.

I’m looking forward to documenting my journey in this little bloggette. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, but the main thing is to accept the challenge ahead and hopefully raise lots of money for Tommy’s the baby charity. They do amazing work with pregnancy – helping people cope through miscarriage, premature births and sadly still births.

If you would like to sponsor me visit www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/clairegermain

Please follow my blog for more updates.

Jogging on now,

Claire x


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