Day 2 in the Juicing House…

Imagine the title was said in a North East accent and you’d get the picture – a little Big Brotherish!

Well day 2 on the Juice Master detox has been really, bloody, hard. I’ve felt dizzy and nauseous. I spoke to my husband who said; “For the love of God eat something. I think this detox is for people sitting around on a spa weekend not raising three kids, running and working as a TA, where you are running around more kids.”

juiceA typical day on the plan…

Good point maybe? I am really active and spend very little time sat down. The plan said it might make you feel tired and suggested relaxation. Perhaps my timing was off.

However, I’ve not given up and thrown in the towel. Not quite. I bought some additional ‘cold pressed’ nature bars from the Nakd range, (which were mostly just date and cashews squished together), and had one at lunchtime before starting work.

The afternoon was busy and I was running around children a lot, so started to feel a bit dizzy again by the time I got home. I then had my H20 Detox as per plan and let it settle. However, because of a busy day and generally feeling pretty hungry I just slumped with zero energy.

After talking to myself and realising that it’s not failing to recognise your body NEEDS more fuel, I decided to make a plain omelette and have a ripe avocado with it. I feel so much better!

I still have a juice to go for dinner and another back up Nakd bar if I feel the need. However, I had underestimated how many calories I need to get through my busy days plus run as well.

It may well be the ‘Celebrity Go-to’, Juice Plan, and I am sure it helps to keep people ‘red carpet’ ready. However, in the real world where I am literally on my feet all the time, it’s not sustainable for me. Maybe if I was lying in a spa resort doing Sweet FA for a few days I’d be ok and my tummy would be less clenched with hunger pangs.

I’ll continue with Day 3 as per plan, but add in a salmon salad for lunch to keep me going at school. As long as its whole, fresh foods and no junk, that’s not really cheating, right?

It’s been a good kick-start to a health campaign and has made me think more about what I eat and drink. I’ll definitely be knocking caffeine on the head for a bit as it’s nice not to rely on it for a quick pick me up.

Verdict: An excellent programme and very tasty, but possibly something to do on a lazy holiday or weekend in.


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