Day 3 Review: Juice Master 3 day detox

Waking up today, after completing Day 3 of the Juice Master detox last night, I can honestly say I feel really good. I’ve lost 5 lbs in total over the 3 days and feel a lot less bloated. My skin is soft and feels a lot less dry than usual. I’d actually go as far as saying it’s glowing.

I was very sceptical as by Day 2 I was ready to give up ( see blog Day 2 in the Juicing House….) I was so incredibly hungry and decided to make a small, plain omelette to help curb the hunger pangs. Not feeling so ravenous on Day 3, I was able to stick to the plan rigidly and felt full and upbeat all day.

It wasn’t a quiet day  either! Activity wise I ran a steady 5K in the morning, then did a further 2K with my school Cross Country group, before spending the afternoon with a lively year 4 class. After school I shot some hoops at the basketball court in the park with my son and later went to an hour’s aqua jogging session, which was pretty intense. (Incredibly fun too!)

My energy levels really surprised me. I’m not drinking caffeine anymore and was surprised that some of the juices gave me that peppy feeling I get with a coffee. The Ginger based juice especially really seemed to give me a lift.

I definitely feel 3 days is a good amount of time to detox and give any health plan a bit of a kick. Since finishing the juices, I’ve  stocked the fridge with salmon, chicken and salads so I can continue on a ‘clean’ eating diet and try to steer clear of processed foods.

I think the motto of this juicing story is ‘perseverance’. Keep going if you are finding it tough. Thanks Juice Master for a really easy to follow, delicious juicing plan. I will definitely do it again in the future when I’m feeling a bit sluggish or in preparation for a big event or holiday.

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Thumbs up from me 🙂



Juicing Journey – Day 1 (Review of Juice Master Delivered)

If you are just catching up, I’m doing a 3 day detox – aiming to feel full of beans and not so sluggish as I have been lately (see yesterday’s blog for the intro My juicing journey – pre-detox

The key to success today has been keeping myself busy and not thinking about FOOD. That’s whole food by the way, as I’m currently living on the Jason Vale 3 Day Detox juice programme.

I woke this morning and had a fresh lemon juice in hot water – which apparently aids digestions and helps to get the detox going. I held out for brekkie until about 8am, when I poured myself a ‘Detox Special’ – a refreshing blend of fruits and vegetables. I thought it was pretty tasty and  the kids were keen to take a sip (thumbs up all around).

day 1 juice
Get ready for the Detox Special…

I didn’t experience any hunger in the morning, (although my stomach stirred as I caught a whiff of bacon sizzling on the grills at my son’s  football match). However, I side-stepped the grease and felt quite virtuous sipping water.

At lunchtime all the family tucked into hot cheesy toasties – so I took myself off for a 5 mile run and felt energy levels were as normal. As a reward after, I tucked into half of the day’s SOS bar (a sticky date-based natural juice bar), which definitely filled a corner of my now hungry tum. The lunch juice was the same ‘Detox Special’ as before – I sipped it slowly as recommended, hoping that my stomach would soon tell my brain that I was feeling full.

This afternoon I’ve kept busy and largely hunger free. Being a hot, sunny day, half the neighbours seem to be firing up their BBQs and the air is filled with that delicious summery, chargrilled smell, which has been a little tempting. I just keep thinking of the end result – feeling cleansed and energised. If I’ve felt hungry I’ve nibbled on a little more of the SOS bar.

By 5pm I was ready for another juice, so enjoyed the H20 Detox  – which was a lot more watery than the previous two, but still very tasty, if a little lemony. By now my sons were ready for dinner and I must admit it was hard cooking for the family knowing I would not be tucking in too. Still, needs must and its only for a few days.

I’ve discovered I’m more of a snacker than I thought I was. A few times I’ve caught myself opening the fridge out of habit to get some fruit. I would also probably have a glass of wine on a Sunday evening too with my meal, but today I’ll settle for Twinings Herbal teas!

Right time for dinner…Beyond Detox Juice and the rest of the SOS bar. Here’s to ticking off Day 1. Cheers.

Signing off now – How about Juicy Lucy for my new moniker? I keep thinking of those 80s ice lollies.

juicy lucy
Ooh Juicy Lucy – remember them? Pic credit:

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My juicing journey – pre-detox

A bit like my neglected blog (just been too busy with a new job), my bod is also feeling a little neglected lately. I like to think I’m pretty healthy –  I run regularly, drink alcohol on weekends only and eat a pretty balanced diet. However, recently I’ve been feeling a bit sluggish and have been thinking of doing something different to give my energy levels a boost.

A friend mentioned Jason Vale Juice Master Juice Plans. He’s juicer to the celebs; Gary Barlow, Alesha Dixon and Katie Price have all added their testimonials to the website. You can choose different length plans depending on how long you want to detox for. As I’m new to juicing I thought I’d try the shortest plan – 3 days.  All the juices are delivered to your door frozen so there is no faff and keeps things very simple. No shopping, no juicing and no excuse not to stick with it! Plus, as I don’t own a juicer and didn’t want to go to the expense if I didn’t like it, I thought it was sensible to start out on the Delivered option.

Ordering was really easy and I was able to organise delivery for a time I knew I would be in. Essential, to ensure the juices could be kept frozen ready for when I needed to start the plan. Plus, I received an introductory discount of £10 as it was my first order. Result.

What’s in the box? My order contained 13 juices to have over the 3 day period all clearly labelled, 3 SOS juice bars, a free juicing DVD, recipe book and copy of Juiced! Magazine. The juices are a mixture of flavours and there are 4 to have on days 1-2 and 5 for day 3. You also have an SOS bar to eat when you are really hungry (hoping I’m not going to feel too starving).

I’m really excited to start the programme tomorrow. The first 4 juices for day one are now defrosting in the fridge and the others stored in the freezer.

I’m planning to keep running during the detox and do an online home workout too. The hardest part so far has been giving up caffeine in the run up to the plan. Juice Master, Jason Vale, suggests that you prepare for your detox by eating healthy foods and ditching caffeine. I’ve not had caffeine for 3 days now and have experienced horrible headaches as a result. I do rely too heavily on caffeine to perk me up through the day, so I’m looking forward to seeing what results will be like after the detox.

I’ll  be blogging each day from tomorrow to let you all know how I’m getting on, plus just to keep a record of my juicing journey.

Comment below with any questions if you are thinking of doing the plan too  – or any tips if you’ve done the juice plan before!

Thanks – happy juicing!



Fridge Invasion

fridge run

The title of this blog could be a bit misleading. I’m not about to waffle on about the contents of my fridge – a bit like those celebs do in Heat Magazine. You know, the article at the back where a celebrity (usually someone from TOWIE or Corrie) waxes lyrical about what they ate for a week. I always wonder if these articles are just made up as they never seem to eat crap like us normal people. There’s never a mention of a left over fish finger from the kids’ meal, or a hurried bag of popcorn when you have the munchies – more likely Quinoa, Lentils or steamed veg. I’d love it if a celeb ‘fessed up that they’d got bladdered on cheap plonk and had eaten a dodgy kebab.

Anyway, where was I…? Ah yes, the fridge. My interpretation of ‘Fridge Invasion’ is the fact that I’ve cleared space on my fridge door, (thus removing the kids’ art and Headmistress Awards) and made way for the Mighty Scary Training Schedule (MSTS). It’s all scheduled ‘suggestions’ of tempo runs, steady runs and interval training over a 20 week programme.  The ‘rest’ days look pretty appealing – other than that, the MSTS is enough to make Freddie Krugar look like a pussy cat.

As an ‘intermediate’ runner, I’m already on target with the schedule in these early weeks and feeling okay about it all. (I’m glossing over the mentions of 20 and 22 mile training runs at this stage in the game – just focusing on building my stamina and enjoying the running. Today for example, with smallest son safely dispatched with a friend, I had a lovely relaxing run down some country lanes, crunching on the autumn leaves. I cracked out an easy five miles and it felt good to get out after a busy weekend of fund raising.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become a wee bit obsessed with the fund raising and feel like a candidate in The Apprentice. I’ve been rustling up eBay auctions (£135 ish pounds) and have started a tuck shop at big son’s football club (£65 and counting). So far the thermometer money icon on my donation page is heading in the right direction. With some generous early donations from friends and family I’ve broken the £600 mark – in little over a week!! I’m so pleased, but a long way to go yet to reach the £2,000 target set by the charity.

Please, please, give a donation if you can it’s much appreciated by myself and the Tommy’s charity.

I am so overwhelmed by the positive encouragement and help people have offered so far. Thank you. I’m off to do some foam rolling now…

A Bit About Me


Marathons are often added to a ‘bucket list’ along with sky dives, marrying George Clooney and swimming with dolphins. Since I’m scared of heights, he’s already taken and I’ve been there done that, the London Marathon 2015 reached the top of my list…which I completed in a respectable 4:46. Not bad for a 40 something mum of 3.

I wasn’t entirely new to running having notched up a few 10ks and half marathons (Royal Parks Half being the first in 2011), so I knew what to expect from the training. Although what I  didn’t expect was a huge passion for running and a desire to keep going after my first, and supposedly only, Marathon.

I’ve since run 5 more Half Marathons (PB 2:02, at Surrey Half 2016) and another full marathon in Brighton 2016 (4:48) and yet I still don’t feel ‘done’, so I’m back for more with the TCS Amsterdam Marathon in the Autumn.

Woop! I’m in…

Claire germain marathon 2015

It’s official! I have finally been accepted for a place in the 2015 London Marathon. I am so excited, although I know there is literally a tough road ahead. Unphased, I am already preparing for the run. One trip to John Lewis later and a 25% discount on Adidas gear, I’m all set! I’m sure I have plenty of adequate training gear, but it’s nice to have a fresh start. Besides I had nothing to co-ordinate with my brand new Asics which help prevent my flat feet from rolling in – or in technical terms, over pronating! Get me, I even speak the running lingo.

However, jesting aside, its not really a case of ‘all the gear and no idea’. I’m not a complete novice to running. To marathons, maybe.  I have previously completed the Royal Parks half Marathon a few years ago (beating the Cheeky Girls to the finish line I’ll have you know).  I now just need to focus on doubling that distance.


Having my place written in black and white ,(well more a pink and grey) is fantastic. Not only do I have proof of the challenge for fundraising purposes, (I’m not planning to jet off to the Bahamas honest), but it makes everything seem very real. 26.2 miles is quite a long way to drive in the car…running it will be a great challenge.

Training is going quite well so far. I’ve read loads of blogs on running, ‘liked’ several running pages on Facebook and I’ve done some actual running too. Hills and everything. Currently up to about 14.5K on my longest run…that’s about 8 miles in old terms. So time to up my game.

I’m looking forward to documenting my journey in this little bloggette. I’m sure there will be ups and downs, but the main thing is to accept the challenge ahead and hopefully raise lots of money for Tommy’s the baby charity. They do amazing work with pregnancy – helping people cope through miscarriage, premature births and sadly still births.

If you would like to sponsor me visit

Please follow my blog for more updates.

Jogging on now,

Claire x