Juicing Journey – Day 1 (Review of Juice Master Delivered)

If you are just catching up, I’m doing a 3 day detox – aiming to feel full of beans and not so sluggish as I have been lately (see yesterday’s blog for the intro My juicing journey – pre-detox

The key to success today has been keeping myself busy and not thinking about FOOD. That’s whole food by the way, as I’m currently living on the Jason Vale 3 Day Detox juice programme.

I woke this morning and had a fresh lemon juice in hot water – which apparently aids digestions and helps to get the detox going. I held out for brekkie until about 8am, when I poured myself a ‘Detox Special’ – a refreshing blend of fruits and vegetables. I thought it was pretty tasty and  the kids were keen to take a sip (thumbs up all around).

day 1 juice
Get ready for the Detox Special…

I didn’t experience any hunger in the morning, (although my stomach stirred as I caught a whiff of bacon sizzling on the grills at my son’s  football match). However, I side-stepped the grease and felt quite virtuous sipping water.

At lunchtime all the family tucked into hot cheesy toasties – so I took myself off for a 5 mile run and felt energy levels were as normal. As a reward after, I tucked into half of the day’s SOS bar (a sticky date-based natural juice bar), which definitely filled a corner of my now hungry tum. The lunch juice was the same ‘Detox Special’ as before – I sipped it slowly as recommended, hoping that my stomach would soon tell my brain that I was feeling full.

This afternoon I’ve kept busy and largely hunger free. Being a hot, sunny day, half the neighbours seem to be firing up their BBQs and the air is filled with that delicious summery, chargrilled smell, which has been a little tempting. I just keep thinking of the end result – feeling cleansed and energised. If I’ve felt hungry I’ve nibbled on a little more of the SOS bar.

By 5pm I was ready for another juice, so enjoyed the H20 Detox  – which was a lot more watery than the previous two, but still very tasty, if a little lemony. By now my sons were ready for dinner and I must admit it was hard cooking for the family knowing I would not be tucking in too. Still, needs must and its only for a few days.

I’ve discovered I’m more of a snacker than I thought I was. A few times I’ve caught myself opening the fridge out of habit to get some fruit. I would also probably have a glass of wine on a Sunday evening too with my meal, but today I’ll settle for Twinings Herbal teas!

Right time for dinner…Beyond Detox Juice and the rest of the SOS bar. Here’s to ticking off Day 1. Cheers.

Signing off now – How about Juicy Lucy for my new moniker? I keep thinking of those 80s ice lollies.

juicy lucy
Ooh Juicy Lucy – remember them? Pic credit: doyouremember.co.uk

NB: All juices were purchased at www.juicemasterdelivered.com