Let the training begin…

Luxury Landmark Health Club
I could get used to this

Now that I’ve got all the kit and kaboodle and  have Googled ‘how to run a marathon’ several times, I feel ready as I’ll ever be to start my training in earnest. This weekend took on some ‘posh’ marathon training as I was fortunate enough to have a lovely spa day booked in at London’s Landmark Hotel, Marylebone.

Aside from the gossiping with friends, a 45 minute ‘essential’ jacuzzi session, a pool-side salad and various other pampering activities, I did actually hit the treadmill and clocked up some decent training mileage. That’s determination in my book, as the temptation of the tranquil quiet zone calling me with its couches and herbal teas, was akin to breaking out a box of Krispy Cremes at a Weight Watchers meeting. The cocktail menu didn’t look too shabby either!

Rocking the Mo'
Rocking the Mo’

Needless to say I found the treadmill seriously boring. I’m a ‘road runner’ usually and used to taking in some scenery along the way, so running in a gym was pretty dull by comparison. Road running is quite relaxing as I find I zone out listening to the repetitive beats of my ipod whilst breathing in the fresh air of the Chiltern countryside. The treadmill had me fidgeting with the gradient, speedometer and checking the clock every few minutes – those kms seemed to take forever. The air con, or lack of, made me so hot and bothered that I felt like doing a Freddie Mercury impression – as in ‘I want to break free’ , not growing a Mo for Movember).

I feel very much a newbie to Marathon training and find myself still a bit overwhelmed that I’m actually planning this. I’ve been really lucky to have some great support so far with friends and family matching my enthusiasm for the challenge. If I’m honest I’m probably more nervous at the moment of hitting the £2k pledge amount for my chosen charity – Tommy’s.

Thank you to all my early supporters and those that have agreed to help me fund raise for the event. If you would like to support me through my London Marathon challenge visit www.uk.virginmoneygiving.com/clairegermain . My first charity deadline is £1k by the end of this year – not long to go at all. Together with help, sweat and probably a few tears along the way I’m sure I can do it! Either that, or I’ll hope that Santa adds a little extra to my stocking this year.