Oops I did it again!

Okay, guilty as charged for the sorely neglected blog. It began as an enthusiastic addition to my London Marathon 2015 fundraising – a way of surreptitiously shaking a tin for charity through my ‘hopefully’ witty, informative blogs. However, unlike the training, the blog took a back seat to actual work and a busy home life.

Cut a long story short, I did complete the 2015 London Marathon (4hrs 46 mins and I forget how many seconds)- and have the t-shirt and medal to prove it! What an awesome experience, and one that has firmly planted the running seed deep within. In fact so deep rooted was my passion for running by then, that I actually set out to do it again (Brighton Marathon 2016 – 4hrs 48 mins 45 seconds) and…yes I’m going back for more (TCS Amsterdam Marathon 2016 – time is still a work in progress.)


I always wanted to see if I could pull off the foil blanket look

So with 2 marathons under my belt with very similar finish times, I am still chasing down that 4hr 30min marathon. Something that in training and on paper seem to be within my grasp, yet on the day something seems to go against that elusive time.

numberBrighton Marathon Rocked!

Without glossing over my achievements (I’ll write up each marathon story separately), this blog is really about the new journey and road to Amsterdam! I’ve been to the ‘dam many years ago, but I certainly didn’t pack any trainers that time. Messy New Year celebrations and sporting gear were not a likely pairing in those days. I was more likely to be seen attempting some vague co-ordination in a step aerobics class than running. Or, realistically, found in a bar drinking wine in my PR hey-day. The 90s were good.

So with the aid of my trusty UKRUNCHAT friends on Twitter –  who are ever a source of encouragement and motivation for me and my running – I intend to have a real crack at a quicker marathon. Who knows, I might actually see a little more of Amsterdam than Dam Square and its bars this time.

“Wens me geluk” as they say in Holland. (I am hoping that’s a good Google translation of Wish Me Luck, and I haven’t offended anyone with some profanity!) An no, I won’t be running in clogs!