Fridge Invasion

fridge run

The title of this blog could be a bit misleading. I’m not about to waffle on about the contents of my fridge – a bit like those celebs do in Heat Magazine. You know, the article at the back where a celebrity (usually someone from TOWIE or Corrie) waxes lyrical about what they ate for a week. I always wonder if these articles are just made up as they never seem to eat crap like us normal people. There’s never a mention of a left over fish finger from the kids’ meal, or a hurried bag of popcorn when you have the munchies – more likely Quinoa, Lentils or steamed veg. I’d love it if a celeb ‘fessed up that they’d got bladdered on cheap plonk and had eaten a dodgy kebab.

Anyway, where was I…? Ah yes, the fridge. My interpretation of ‘Fridge Invasion’ is the fact that I’ve cleared space on my fridge door, (thus removing the kids’ art and Headmistress Awards) and made way for the Mighty Scary Training Schedule (MSTS). It’s all scheduled ‘suggestions’ of tempo runs, steady runs and interval training over a 20 week programme.  The ‘rest’ days look pretty appealing – other than that, the MSTS is enough to make Freddie Krugar look like a pussy cat.

As an ‘intermediate’ runner, I’m already on target with the schedule in these early weeks and feeling okay about it all. (I’m glossing over the mentions of 20 and 22 mile training runs at this stage in the game – just focusing on building my stamina and enjoying the running. Today for example, with smallest son safely dispatched with a friend, I had a lovely relaxing run down some country lanes, crunching on the autumn leaves. I cracked out an easy five miles and it felt good to get out after a busy weekend of fund raising.

I think it’s fair to say that I’ve become a wee bit obsessed with the fund raising and feel like a candidate in The Apprentice. I’ve been rustling up eBay auctions (£135 ish pounds) and have started a tuck shop at big son’s football club (£65 and counting). So far the thermometer money icon on my donation page is heading in the right direction. With some generous early donations from friends and family I’ve broken the £600 mark – in little over a week!! I’m so pleased, but a long way to go yet to reach the £2,000 target set by the charity.

Please, please, give a donation if you can it’s much appreciated by myself and the Tommy’s charity.

I am so overwhelmed by the positive encouragement and help people have offered so far. Thank you. I’m off to do some foam rolling now…