Day 3 Review: Juice Master 3 day detox

Waking up today, after completing Day 3 of the Juice Master detox last night, I can honestly say I feel really good. I’ve lost 5 lbs in total over the 3 days and feel a lot less bloated. My skin is soft and feels a lot less dry than usual. I’d actually go as far as saying it’s glowing.

I was very sceptical as by Day 2 I was ready to give up ( see blog Day 2 in the Juicing House….) I was so incredibly hungry and decided to make a small, plain omelette to help curb the hunger pangs. Not feeling so ravenous on Day 3, I was able to stick to the plan rigidly and felt full and upbeat all day.

It wasn’t a quiet day  either! Activity wise I ran a steady 5K in the morning, then did a further 2K with my school Cross Country group, before spending the afternoon with a lively year 4 class. After school I shot some hoops at the basketball court in the park with my son and later went to an hour’s aqua jogging session, which was pretty intense. (Incredibly fun too!)

My energy levels really surprised me. I’m not drinking caffeine anymore and was surprised that some of the juices gave me that peppy feeling I get with a coffee. The Ginger based juice especially really seemed to give me a lift.

I definitely feel 3 days is a good amount of time to detox and give any health plan a bit of a kick. Since finishing the juices, I’ve  stocked the fridge with salmon, chicken and salads so I can continue on a ‘clean’ eating diet and try to steer clear of processed foods.

I think the motto of this juicing story is ‘perseverance’. Keep going if you are finding it tough. Thanks Juice Master for a really easy to follow, delicious juicing plan. I will definitely do it again in the future when I’m feeling a bit sluggish or in preparation for a big event or holiday.

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Thumbs up from me 🙂